Whitepaper: Strategic Pricing

Strategically Price to Increase Your Margins

Are your margins optimized?

Use this 10-question checklist to determine if your margins are truly optimized:

  • Do you tune your list prices?
  • Do you provide incentives to your sellers to bring in only profitable orders?
  • Do you pass along freight costs to customers?
  • Do the rebates you provide to customers affect their buying loyalty?
  • Do your cash terms change your customers’ payment behavior?
  • Do your pricing processes enable your reps to make the best use of their time?
  • Does your staff and customers have access to better marketing pricing information?
  • For pricing, do you group your customers by buying style and buying power?
  • For pricing, are your products grouped by pricing sensitivity and pricing visibility?
  • Are you minimizing across-the-board discounts for all items?
  • Do you utilize the features of your ERP system’s pricing module?

If you answered NO to any of the questions on the checklist above, chances are you are giving away the profit you could be making on your margins to your customers through discounts, incentives, rebates and more.

Create Pricing and Profit Opportunities

The Strategic Pricing for Wholesale Distributors: Optimize Your Margins whitepaper provides you with a concise analysis of pricing and profit opportunities wholesale distributors can experience through streamlining their pricing processes and creating a strong foundation for their pricing structures.

Download our exclusive ADP whitepaper today – don’t miss out on this opportunity – find out how to set-up your pricing strategically to truly optimize your margins.

About Advanced Distribution Software Partners

The Advanced Distribution Software Partners support multi-channel Distributors and Retailers by offering industry expertise and sophisticated software solutions to help streamline processes, improve customer service and better manage the supply chain.

As a powerful group of dedicated professionals, we are able to offer those in the Distribution sector something different – results. We provide ultra sophisticated Distribution solutions, coupled with a deep understanding of the distribution industry to deliver valuable business transformations.

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